When one thinks about billiards nowadays, Olhausen pool tables naturally come to mind. They have been around for just about 40 years now and they have set themselves apart by offering top-of-the-line quality products. They have earned a reputation for manufacturing consistent, reliable tables that also earned the company the title of “The Best in Billiards”.

This whole big company all started in New Mexico, where the two Olhausen brothers, Butch and Don, were raised working at setting up and re-covering pool tables in their dad’s shop. At the time, they never could have guessed that it would carve the rest of their lives. In 1972, Don decided to follow Butch who had moved to California in 1969.

That is when the journey to the top began. They started their own little company, moving and re-covering pool tables, and also delivering new tables for a small manufacturing company. They were making little money for their hard work; charging 12$ for delivery and installation, added to the fact they were using their own car and paying for gas. This was not the best way to build a notorious career.

Their big break for the Olhausen pool tables came in 1973, when the owner of that small company they were delivering tables for made them an offer to sell them the business for 1000$, taking a note back on the inventory. They decided to go all out, took everything they had, and bought the company. That decision altered their entire life. The first year, they were determined to somehow double the number of tables sold from 35 to 70.

An ambitious bet in all accounts; but they managed to win it. After their first two years of running the company, they were distributing over 300 tables. The growing curve only kept going up and about 30,000 Olhausen pool tables are now sold every year all around the world.

Of course, there are tangible reasons why Olhausen pool tables are so in demand. Over the years, they developed a reputation for their dedication to quality, service, selection, and value. Their tables are used in big professional tournaments and praised by all.

But what makes them even more special is the fact they have over a dozen different series of tables for their customers to choose from including a completely customizable one. They literally have a series to suit any budget, skill level, and style preferences.

As a part of American heritage, they also are associated with other icons representing America such as Harley-Davidson, Budweiser, Jack Daniels, and John Deere.

Obviously, as in any industry, other companies are recognized as leaders in the market and competing for the title of “The Best in Billiards”. Brunswick is definitely the closest opposition Olhausen pool tables have. Having been around for over one and a half century, they definitely hold a substantial amount of credibility.

Today, more than ever, choosing the right pool table to suit one’s budget, skill sets, and aesthetic tastes is easy. With all the distinct series offered by the different companies, it’s only a matter of looking around and having an idea of what you are seeking.