Brunswick pool tables are definitely amongst the best and most renowned in the world. They have a long history that gives them a lot of credibility; in fact, they have been around ever since 1845. Their reliability is not questionable and having been around for that long, they know the needs of the customers, so they have a bunch of different models to please absolutely everyone; pro or beginner, big or small budget.

Brunswick pool tables are known as prime product all over the world nowadays, but this legendary name all started with one man’s passion. John Moses Brunswick, in 1845, was a reputable carriages builder. He was making a good living out of it, but everything changed as soon as he first peeked at a deftly crafted billiards table.

As a passionate wood worker, he was instantly captivated by the sophistication, details, and fine dexterity it took to be able to build not just a straightforward table, but literally a thing with unlimited original possibilities and everlasting beauty.

In less than 10 years, his tables had earned a reputation for being masterpieces in their design, as well as for their flawless playing surface. Nowadays, the tables are obviously made in a larger volume, but the quality has not been put aside at all.

The reasons why Brunswick pool tables are staying amid the dominant companies after all these years reside in the meticulousness and consistency of their tables. Their pockets, cushion material and angle, stable base, and slate leveled to within ten-thousandths of an inch make their product as reliable as they come.

The company offers 2 different series to their customers; the authentic Brunswick and the Contender Brunswick pool tables. The Contender series is a more affordable one designed for recreational playing. The difference between the 2 series is in the materials they use to make the tables.

The cushion rubber on the beginner series is not as accurate and consistent, but a recreational player won’t really notice the difference. The wood used in both series is obviously not the same, but the look stays very classy and they are built to last.

Another distinction between Contender and Authentic Brunswick tables is their pockets. The Contender series offers more options for the more price conscious customer. Both series have a large range of table designs to choose from; every shopper will find its match in either categories.

The Brunswick pool tables are now literally a part of American heritage; a symbol of sophistication, durability, and craftsmanship. Their innovation and success has definitely pushed other companies to start their own production and do all they can to compete.

Other companies have now established themselves as big players in the market too (notably Olhausen). Choosing the best table to fit one’s need is now easier than ever considering all the diverse choices that are offered; designs, playability, price, etc.