Here is a list of different billiard games you can play with their respective rules. You can read the General Rules which normally apply to most of these pool games by clicking on this link : General Pool and Billiards Rules

Like most people, you’ve probably played the same pool games for quite a while. There’s a good chance those 2 games being the 8 ball and the 9 ball. Two great games but after a some time, you need a change.

In this part of our site, you’ll find several other games listed. Just click on the name of the game you want below or on the right and you’ll get the official rules for that particular game. Check them out, many of them are pretty interesting.




For those of you looking for a challenging, exciting and incredibly entertaining and enjoyable new billiard game, we’re putting the final touch to a brand new game we’ve just created that we called Basepool.

It’s a revolutionary new game unlike anything you’ve ever imagined using a very clever mix of billiards and baseball rules. If you like billiards and baseball,this new game will provide you with hours of fun and interesting play. It’s very challenging and you’ll need to use skill and strategy but we have left a little room for luck as well just as in the real baseball game.

We’ve market tested it with friends and other pool players and the feedback has been overwhelming. It’s played using regular balls 1 to 15 but we’re already seriously considering having a customized set specially made for this game.

We’ve been improving and perfecting Basepool for over 18 months now and before officially launching it, we would like giving it for free to some people for getting some more feedback. We consider this as the final acceptance stage.

Here are the other pool and billiard games with their official rules.

Click on any of the following billiard games for their official rules


Bank Pool Bottle Pool Bowlliards Chicago
Chinese Eight Ball Cowboy Pool Cribbage Pool Cut Throat
Eight Ball Equal Offense Fifteen Ball Forty One
Golf Pool Honolulu Kelly Pool Line Up
Mr and Mrs Nine Ball One Pocket Rotation
Russian Pyramid Seven Ball Six Ball Skittle Billiard
Speed Pool Straight 14-1 Continuous Ten Ball Three Ball


Billiards Betting Article

The right way for betting on billiards

There are basically 2 ways to bet on the game. The first is when you’re
playing yourself against someone else and the second and the one I suggest
is to place bets at a real sportsbooks on different professional matches.


Betting when you’re playing

Billiards is one of your favorite sports and you’ve been playing for a while.
You love betting on billiards just as much as you love playing it. The satisfaction
of winning and collecting money is one of the best feelings. Unfortunately, you
aren’t that good at it and could use some advice. Betting on billiards is an
art, and it isn’t enough to just be good at the game.

Before you start betting on billiards you need to make sure you understand
the game, the rules, and all its variations. Betting on billiards is easier
if you not only have good technique but also remember all the rules and
games, even the most obscure ones.

Once you understand all the rules, you shouldn’t start betting on billiards
until you are sure you have an excellent technique. Advanced understanding
of the physics of the game is also an asset. If you want to be a better
player, you can either take lessons or play a lot of games with someone who
is better than you. You probably shouldn’t start betting on billiards until
you are sure you can compete with even the most advanced players.

You also need to understand that betting on billiards isn’t the same as
playing a pickup game with a friend. Since the stakes are higher, you will
need to perform your best. If you are the type of person who can’t handle
the pressure, this will affect your ability to win games and win the pot.


Betting on professional matches

That’s the avenue I would suggest unless you’re a very good billiards player
yourself. At least, you always have a 50% chance of winning which can be
improved by your knowledge of the game and who’s playing.

It’s beyond the scope of this article to start explaining how to place
bets at real sportsbooks but you can start getting yourself acquainted to the
sports betting world and see if that’s for you.

As many billiards players, I’m pretty sure you like other sports as well and
I can tell you that sports betting is a very big industry and that there’s good
money to be made when you know what you’re doing.

Many people asked me about billiards betting and sports betting in general.
Just come regularly to our Billiards Village site, we’re thinking of putting
a few posts on the site related to the world of sports betting and how it