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BASEPOOL is a revolutionary new billiards game played on a regular pool table using baseball rules. My son and I have created it and we’ve been perfecting it for the last 18 months. We now feel it is one of the greatest billiard game ever released. We’ve market tested it with friends and other pool players in our area and their feedback has been overwhelming.

But don’t take our word for it. Before its official launch, we would like to give it for free to some people for getting more feedback. We consider this as the final field trial stage. Obviously, we’re leaving money on the table here by not starting selling it right away but our desire to come up with the best billiards game ever invented is so strong that we’re ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Having it tested and tried by totally impartial and objective billiards players is our way of being totally convinced we’ve gone the extra mile in propelling the game of billiards to a whole new level.

What’s so different about this game?

The fact we’re the most proud of is that we’ve been able to reproduce most of the real baseball game situations into real billiard situations.

You have the possibility of executing all of the following:

- Single
- Double
- Triple
- Home run
- Walk
- Sacrifice bunt
- Steal bases
- Hit and Run
- Sacrifice fly
- Squeeze play
- Strikes
- Strike outs
- Regular outs
- Errors
- Double plays

We’ve combined skill and speed of execution for stolen bases, hit and runs and squeeze plays, and created something unique to BASEPOOL which is better than a Grand Slam (even though you can get one in BASEPOOL : We called it The MEGA-SLAM. No other game includes all of these features. It really is a breakthrough in billiards, a new dimension to the game.

You’ll get 9 innings of real challenge trying to score runs using skill, strategy, talent and sometimes a little luck combined with the mindset of playing real baseball. Aside from the top of the first inning, every inning of every game is different. You’ll discover countless possibilities for beating your opponent. Never before will you have enjoyed playing billiards that much. This game will bring a new life to your pool table.

We’ve very carefully analyzed ball placement and respotting for ongoing challenge and excitement unlike any billiards games ever imagined. You’ll enjoy these unlimited possibilities.

BASEPOOL is played using regular balls 1 to 15. Assuming players reactions are what we’ve experienced so far with our own “local” market testing, we’ve already started making contacts and intend having a customized BASEPOOL ball set made for us and available in a near future.

You love baseball, you love billiards so, you’re on for something different. You enjoy testing your skills as well as the ability of your mind to quickly analyse different situations and think fast then, this new game is for you. It really is in a class of its own.

Now, our FREE Pre-Launch offer

We’ve decided to give away 100 copies of this new game to people willing to give us feedback about BASEPOOL. All we’re asking is that you have a real interest in the game of billiards and be ready to send us your comments after taking the time to read and understand the rules and played at least five 9 inning games. We want to make sure you give it a good try.

You’ll get our fully illustrated E-book explaining in details all you need to know for enjoying and mastering this new billiards game. Nothing has been left out. You get everything exactly as if you’d have bought it, even the scorecard.

This is our way of confirming this game lives up to our expectations.

So, the first 100 people filling up the form below will receive a FREE copy of all the BASEPOOL rules. Remember, the only thing we ask in return is your feedback within a couple of weeks after having played at least 5 games.

Fill up this form with your name and your valid e-mail address and we’ll send it to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for participating in this final testing stage prior to the official launch.

Note : We will not sell or use your email address for any other purpose than sending you our BASEPOOL game rules for free.

We’re fully dedicated to spreading this new game out to the world so, just fill out the form now to make sure you’re among the 100 people getting it for free and please share your experience with us.

Your feedback will be posted on our BLOG.